It is hoped that the site will be used to spark interest in people who may wish to join the group in whatever capacity. They can obtain information about the group, what our aims are and how we try to reach our aims. The site will also be a source of information via links, about many aspects of carriage driving, equipment, people, helpers, horses and ponies. The Isle of Wight is affiliated to the National RDA and is a registered charity. I hope these pages may encourage people to become involved with the group.

This site is also to inform members of the Isle of Wight RDA Carriage Driving Group what's happening within the group. To get the most from this site, it needs to be 'used'. All present members of the Isle of Wight Group will be invited to submit content to the site enabling everyone to communicate via this facility.

The committee will use the site to keep members up to date on our activities on the Isle of Wight with other RDA groups in the UK and possibly - world wide.


Benefits of Carriage Driving

Non physical benefits include Physical benefits
Decision making Improved co-ordination
Making friends Improved muscle power
Achievement Improved balance
Self confidence Relaxation through rhythmic movement
Socialising/interaction Being out in the open air
General support in times of difficulty Mental stimulation and therefore thought and memory coordination
Having fun!

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A typical driving day

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We have made this promotional film about RDA to make it easier for you to spread the word about what we do, to encourage donations for the Group and to help attract Volunteers. We hope you enjoy watching it. Thanks to all those who made it possible.

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