in no particular order


Jean Wednesdays wouldn't run without her
Jenny Treasurer. Secretary and great work behind the scenes
Jean Helper - Everywhere you look - she's there all day!
Pat ABW, Horse box driver, horse owner and pocket Sat Nav
Jill ABW and helper with a wealth of knowledge of horses
Ray Helper, clamper, pusher and such enthusiasm!
Gill ABW, keen supporter of the group and librarian
Monica Monica has a go at everything except cycling!
Linda Helper and ABW - part of the pit stop team.
Sue Helper - very busy - looks after me at coffee mornings (Peter)
Derek Does all the field work building cone courses and dressage arena
Hayley Good all round support and a young cyclist.
Shelia Helps in so many ways but pinches my crisps sometimes!
Naomi Great help to Robert and Murray
Judy Stalwart member of the group.

There are six members that I have never heard complain and who have supported us without question whatever asked of them. They are all kind, patient, strong and forgiving. Some are young and some old. They ask for no thanks. They are all totally dependable.
Pocus - Fred - Troy - Henry
Baby - Murray

They are all STARS

There is another group that is too big to list here who we must thank.

They are the people we are there for.

hey are the folk with varying levels of ability who choose to come along for a drive on a Wednesday. Their pleasure is a joy to watch. I would like to thank them all and of course their carers, drivers and family supporters
You can see from the pictures how much they enjoy themselves.

New Forest Disabled Driving Group
On the Island we would like to acknowledge the close links we have with the New Forest Driving for the Disabled group. They are always accommodating when we visit them and appreciative of our hospitality when they visit us. Their continued friendship is greatly valued and appreciated.

To everyone I have overlooked - my apologies