Below you can meet the team we use at the moment.
We are always looking for 'new' horses and ponies to draw our range of carriages.

Formally, Burnthouse Hocus Pocus. Born 3rd May
1995 , Pocus has grown to become 11.2HH. He belongs to Ann Ely and is kindly on loan to Pat so that he can come to the driving. Despite being a Welsh mountain pony, section 'A', he struggles to understand Eileen, one of our drivers from Wales!
He has been a favourite with the group and really
seems to enjoy his day out with the RDA.
Note how good he looks with lilac head collar
and lead rope!

    Beth (Retired)
Beth is a real short horse and is totally bonkers! By that I mean she is the smallest and seems to have to prove herself when doing cone courses. Then she has two speeds - plod or . . . . . . " NOT THAT FAST !!!".
Beth and her partner So-low (Almost a matching pair) - belong to Pat Simpson. Pat brings one or other of them every week. The great thing about being little is that they fit in the box complete with carriage to travel home!
Beth is retired now. She deserves the rest!


Sacha was owned by Colin Leal. Sadly Colin died in 2012 and is greatly missed by the group. As a result we didn't see Sacha any more. Colins death was a huge loss to our group and his enthusiasm and quick wit is very much missed.
Sacha has now passed away after enjoying lots of grass and retirement at Havenstreet.

Troy who is loaned to us each week by Kirsty adds some necessary muscle to the horses we use.
He easily manages our four wheeler and is a great asset to our wheelchair people.


Freds stud name is Watts Dragonfly but could hardly be called 'What?' nor 'Dragon' so he is just called Fred. He belongs to Nicola.

He passed his 'test' to become a RDA pony in June 2010. I'm told that the 'hair' is entirely natural, not a result of plaiting or a perm!

Fred, 12.2 hands, used to be a scurry pony and loves driving in and around the cones.

  So-low (Retired)
  So-low is a matching pair with Beth. Only their mum can tell them apart. I'd like to see them in harness as a pair! So-low is taking on more work now to let Beth take it easy a bit more. Both Beth and So-low pull a small carriage suitable for ambulant people leaving the bigger animals to cope with wheel chairs.

Leo belongs to Jo's daughter, Keely. I have seen hounds bigger than Leo! He might be small but he is mighty in his enthusiasm. He only passed his test in June 2010. After the test we nearly lost Leo. Not something dreadful, but the lady from the RDA who tested him, wanted to take him home! He would have easily fitted into the boot of her car.

Post script
Leo has been sold and left the Island for greener pastures on the mainland.


Lizzi likes Pink! She was a favourite of all the group. She is easily able to pull our four wheeler enabling folks in wheel chairs to enjoy a drive.

Lizzi is not available to our group at the moment.

Henry belongs to Lynda. He is seen every Wednesday enthuastically pulling his bright red four wheel "fire engine".
Murray enjoys his day with the RDA. It makes a pleasant change for him from his day job. Robert, who owns Murray makes him work taking Brides to their wedding.
His birthday is 5th May 2005. He is a Welsh cob pony section 'C'. At 14.2 hands, he only just a pony.


Baby Blue 12hh is a cross between a near leopard spot New Forest and an Appaloosa. Val who owns him is a relative newcomer joining the Island Group in 2013. We now wonder how we would manage without them both. He gets his own way by making you give a 'Polo' treat by curling his lips.
One volunteer suggested that we 'join the dots' on Baby's rear end to mark out the dressage course!