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Wednesday 27th August 2007.

Well weren't we lucky. What was the chance of getting a whole day out and a picnic in "Awful August"
We had a good turn out for our Fun Day. Overcast skies and a bit breezy meant ideal conditions for the hard working ponies - even if was a tad chilly for us.

We had to contend two competitions and all the competitors seem to have been encouraged by our Olympians and gave it their best efforts. In the morning folks had to display their driving skills and then be grilled by Mavis in order to win the Wight Crystal Trophy. It was eventually won by relative newcomer Elaine.

1st Elaine
2nd Caroline
Equal 3rd Jeannette and Mo

Is it despair or Prayer Pat??

We all enjoyed our picnic lunch while the ponies rested. A big thank you to the committee for the cakes! Lunch was followed by presentation of awards and certificates to various members of the group. Long service certificates were awarded to drivers, able-bodied whips and helpers of the group. This was followed by long service awards to four of our ponies, Beth, So-Low, Misty and Stephan. These took the form of rather nice little horse brasses.

Look at that Cake!!

Le Trek.

After lunch Jill organised a 'Le Trek' competition and explained the rules for the afternoon. There was a ride out course which had to be completed in an 'optimum' time, followed by slalom, rein backs, circles etc., all designed to test driving skill and accuracy.

Results for this were:.

1st Diddy
2nd Jeannette
Equal 3rd Elaine and Mo (again!)

Elaine driving the slalom course.

Lizzi at the Slalom

Sally going home with two rosettes.

Diddy, Sue, Jill, Jill, Colin and Jean.

Sacha waiting for the off with Colin and Vanessa driving.

Neil being taught how to do it!

The twenty metre circle. (Not square - nor hexagon or oval!)

Pocus with Ann and Mo.

Pocus with Ann amd Mo with a very round circle!

Jeannette, Neil and Elaine (Proud winner of the Wight Crystal Trophy)

Sacha and Colin - Louise driving and Tiffany scrutinizing.

Pocus with Ann and Diddy driving.

Jeannette driving So-Low with Pat.
We had several 'visitors' join us throughout the day and I am pleased to pass on the compliments I received about the group.

"What a lovely warm and friendly lot you are"
"How nice it is to see everyone enjoying the day so much"

"What a hard working and committed group you are"

Thanks to everybody who put in so much effort to make it such an enjoyable day.

Special thanks to Christine for the great Photographs - Also Ann, Pat, Colin and Fiona for driving all day and
So-Low, Lizzi, Sacha and Pocus who supplied the horse power!.

I hope that everyone is as proud of the group and what it has achieved as I am - Peter.