Our Carriage Driving Fun Day, marking the end of our outdoor driving sessions for this year, took place on Wednesday 9th September 2009 which turned out to be a very nice sunny day, giving everyone a chance to enjoy dressing up for the occasion !
Of course the day began with a very early start and alot of work for those involved with the grooming and preparing of the horses and also inspecting and cleaning the harnesses and the carriages etc.
Having all met up in the lovely grounds of Osborne House, Whippingham in the morning, and sorted ourselves out, we started off with a Turnout and Presentation competition, judged by our very knowledgeable Robert Young.
We were also very pleased to welcome Conservative M.P. Andrew Turner to our Fun Day and he spent time chatting to the participants after presenting them with their rosettes, after which we had a reviving lunch break with some lovely fancy gateaux before the afternoon's activities.

The mornings's competition results were:-

1st Elaine with So-Low
2nd Kath with Sacha
3rd Neil with Lizzie
4th Vanessa - also with Sacha
5th Mo with Pocus
6th Sally with Troy
After chatting together over lunch and comparing our performances with each other, it was time for the Timed Obstacle Driving Competition, and the results for this were:-
1st Mo - 2mins.55.10
2nd Elaine - 3mins.16.72
3rd Lesley - 3 mins.17.28
4th Vanessa - 3 mins.39.53
5th Kath - 4 mins.06.75
6th Neil - 4 mins.37.32

Neil's rather slow time was because Lizzie decided she wasn't going to bother with walking backwards at that particular time, as requested !

We are all now eagerly looking forward to our 2010 season.

My thanks go to Christine and Jo for getting the photographs to me. I would ask you to be patient when viewing the pictures below. On some computer systems, they may be a bit slow to load. - Thanks Peter.